Government programmes and projects


Economic issues

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Rural development

Social and community development

Justice, crime prevention and security

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Population registration


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  • Youth development - the National Youth Development Agency will enhance service and development opportunities provided to the youth.
  • Youth Economic Partcipation - coordinate the efforts of State Owned Companies (SOC) under the Department of Public Enterprises towards maximising their inputs towards youth economic empowerment.


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  • Working for Water - eradicates invasive alien vegetation to conserve water and the environment.
  • Working on Fire is a multi-partner organisation focused on integrated fire management and veld and wild firefighting.
  • Working for Wetlands works towards protecting wetlands
  • LandCare - communities and individuals are urged to manage South Africa’s environment and natural resources using an ecologically sustainable approach.

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International relations

  • South Africa has relations within southern Africa, on the continent of Africa and in the world.

Science and technology

Arts and Culture

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Governance and administration

  • Batho Pele - the Batho Pele principles were developed to guide government employees in their work with the public.
  • Disaster management - The National Disaster Management Centre ensures integrated institutional capacity for disaster risk management.
  • Centre for Public Service Innovation nurtures innovation in the public sector.
  • Access to information - The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2000 (PAIA) guarantees the public access to information that is not classified secret.

Programme of Action

  • Programme of Action - The Programme of Action (POA) system monitors progress of delivery agreements with national Ministers.

Public participation


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